Clinesmith Instruments

Clinesmith Steel and Resonator Guitars

Here's a list of of players, past and present who own Clinesmith Steel's and or Resonator Guitars. Also a few "must" links for steel and resonator guitar enthusiasts.

The Steel Guitar Forum

Deluxe 34 Stands makes a an excellent stand for my Lap Steels and other steel guitars

Blue Heron Case Co.

Mike Neer ( Steelonious) youtube videoof Steelin' Moonlight

John Ely's Hawaiian steel guitar web site

Roger Williams ...One of the best Resonator Guitarist

Ivan Rosenberg Great resonator player

Mikya Matsuda Steel guitarist with the Alcatrez Islanders

Peter Andersson with the Swingin Hayriders vid vid vidvid vid

Justin Brown youtube "Crazy" video

Omar Erastas steel player with a unique style and tuning video 1 and 2

Chris Bauer With The Farmer and Adelle video video video video

"Dobro"Dick Dillof

Chris Funk of The Decemberists and Black Prarie

The Barn Door Slammers Western Swing with Todd Clinesmith on steel music link

Jussi Huhtakangas

Bobby Black

Isaac Akuna

James Williamson

Andre Hakwinsson

Kevin Maul

Pete Grant

Kevin Campion

Mike Witcher

Kurt Kowalski

The Fret Board Journal

Romero Banjos  My old buddy Jason and his wife Pharis

The Barn Door Slammers Western Swing Band with Todd Clinesmith on steel music link

Mike Bagwell

Larry Chung

Ron Stanley

Guy Cundell

Jeroen Schmoll

Gerry Szostak

Check out Andy Volk Media for excellent steel guitar related books