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Clinesmith Steel and Resonator Guitars

Joaquin Model Clinesmith Lap Steel

This design is based on Joaquin Murphey's D-8 guitar built by Paul Bigsby in the mid to late 40's.  The guitar is built using Eastern Hard Rock Curly Maple and a polished cast aluminum top plate and bridge. The beautifully toned pickup attached the the cast aluminum top plate, gives the instrument a rich tone that cannot be found in wood bodies guitars alone. The guitar is available as a single or double neck.  These can be made as 6, 8, or 10 string instruments.  All guitars come with Clinesmith/Paul Bigsby pickup, Blue Heron case, and a satin finish.

8 String spacing :

Traditional 2.5 inches at bridge and 2 inches at nut

Wider spacing of 2.625 at bridge and 2.125 at nut

10 string spacing:

3.2 inches at the bridge

2.57 inches at the nut


Separate tone and volume knobs, in black or white

Concentric Tone volume pot with Black knobs

40's pickups cover $75

50's pickup cover $75

  Deluxe 34 Stands , makes excellent stands for my lap steel models.


  • S-6 $1500
  • S-8 $1500
  • S-10 $1550
  • D-8 $3200
  • D-10 $3300