Clinesmith Instruments

Clinesmith Steel and Resonator Guitars

I am pleased to offer the Clinesmith console steel guitars, inspired by the design of Paul Bigsby.  I incorporate many of Paul Bigsby's parts and patterns to build these instruments, including the pickups.  I use only the finest select Birdseye or Curly Hard Rock Maple.  The aluminum castings are polished by hand.  I use an Oil Varnish for the finish top coats, and buff these out to a piano finish.  Varnish is an old world finish that has been used for centuries, before chemical lacquers and the like came into use in the 40's.  It has a gorgeous sheen that ages beautifully.

The prices and options are as follows:

  • D-8 Console Steel Guitar $4100
  • T-8 Clinesmith Console Steel Guitar $4800
  • Standard, Fret board attached cast aluminum necks
  • Wood Necks + $250 per neck
  • 10 string necks + $100 per neck
  • Raised graphic aluminum necks + $125 per neck
  • Traditional Paul Bigsby style chrome plated legs + $250 per neck
  • Pedal Steel models email for quote.  Not taking pedal orders for 2017

Other options:

  • Swing out ash tray $35
  • Stutter Button $25
  • 40's pickup cover $75 per
  • 50's pickup cover $75 per
  • Doo-Ahh tone pot N/C

Hard shell case is included